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Alex Costa

Alex Costa

400+ Hours Bush Flying

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Born to an airline pilot, Alex Costa was always likely to follow in his father’s footsteps. Having a pilot for Air Canada around you as a child can have that effect on people. Of course, the journey has not been straightforward or easy. Becoming a pilot is a difficult and expensive task.

Yet, Alex was determined. His father was supportive as long as his education received its due care. Born in Alberta, Canada, Alex had access to several flying clubs. While keeping with his education, he logged 45 hours at the flying club and successfully completed his solo trip.

Upon clearing the exam, he secured his own private pilot’s license. It was a dream come true! He received a Cessna 152 as a present from his father, a memory that he cherishes to this day.

He has logged close to 400 hours on his own Piper Cherokee and enjoys bush flying as it offers a chance to test out his skills in difficult situations. His favorite trip, and one he makes regularly, is to the Red Deer Forestry Airstrip. On weekends he often goes there for hikes in the mountains and unwinds from the stresses of life.

He hopes to become a fully licensed commercial airline pilot someday and is working hard to turn this dream into a reality. In the meantime, he spends his time writing for various aviation blogs about his journeys and experiences.

Joe Haygood

Joe Haygood

Obsessed with Flying

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After spending years watching every video I could find about flying, I finally scratched the itch and got my pilots license. Now I fly every chance I get, and share the information I learn, here.

Michael Zalik

Michael Zalik

Stretching My Wings

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My father is a licensed flight instructor so I spent the majority of my childhood at the local municipal airport. My first memories are of climbing into the front seat of our Cessna 210M, so it was only natural that I complete my private pilot’s license as soon as it was legal. 924 hours later, and I look for any excuse to get out and stretch my wings.

Salomon Marco

Salomon Marco

Corporate Pilot & Flight Instructor

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Having fallen in love with aviation at the age of 12 when he went to visit family abroad, Salomon Marco decided to pursue a career in aviation. Today, he works as a corporate pilot and flight instructor whilst involving himself in whatever other aspects of aviation he can.

An avid pilot and flight instructor, Salomon Marco has flown nearly every aircraft imaginable, from small single-seat kit planes to some of the world’s most expensive corporate jets. He first started writing about aviation as a teenager to pursue his love of all things flying-related, and has continued writing ever since. When he’s not writing or flying, he can be found looking up the specs of the latest aircraft or playing with his dog, Gizmo.