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Whether you are a pilot or aspire to become one, finding credible and helpful information through blogs and websites is a great way to excel in your career.

The aviation industry is constantly expanding, and there are so many things that you need to keep up with to stay with the times, which is why pilots rely on their favorite blogs and websites to stay in the loop. However, with so many different sources out there, it can be hard to determine which ones are actually the best.

The best blogs & websites for pilots are Gary’s Flight Journal, Pilot Patrick, AeroSavvy, Fear of Landing (The Art of Not Hitting the Ground), Hangar Flying, Simpliflying, Airline Geeks, The Aviationist, Airline Reporter, and PrivateFly.

As aviation continues to rise in popularity, the demand for new websites and blogs related to the industry is higher than ever. There are so many different content sources for pilots these days and it can make finding the best websites rather challenging. Some blogs focus solely on personal experiences from pilots - whereas others aim to deliver the newest updates in aviation technology. As you consider your options, you should reflect on the type of aviation content that is most suitable to your interests and tastes. To help you understand this further, we are going to take a closer look at the best blogs and websites for pilots.

After extensively researching pilot blogs and websites, I have been able to gather enough information to shortlist the best content options available. My research has indicated that you should select a blog or website that focuses on the niche within aviation that is most relatable and applicable to you.

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Best Casual Pilot Blogs & Websites

When you become a pilot either for your career or as a hobby flier, it can be hard to find relatable conversations with people who are not involved in the industry. Piloting an aircraft is a complex line of work and the technical aspects of flying tend to go over people’s heads, which is why some passionate pilots write personal blogs.

Pilots that are well-versed in the art of flying have decided to share their insights and experiences with fellow aviators. These blogs are a great way to find useful information that is relatable, beneficial, and sometimes purely entertaining. Let’s dive into the best casual pilot blogs and websites.

1. Gary’s Flight Journal

Gary’s Flight Journal is going to be a fantastic pilot blog for anyone who wants relatable content about being a passionate aviator who flies for fun. Gary is an experienced private pilot who has been venturing the skies with his wife for decades.

Gary’s conversational tone makes all of the information that he discusses palatable and easy to digest - perfect for casual readers and intro-level pilots who want a good source of knowledge that doesn’t make your head hurt.

The majority of the posts on Gary’s Flight Journal read a lot like a diary entry where Gary breaks down his daily life flying around the United States. Both he and his wife are enjoying their time in the sky while piloting a 1976 Commander 112A around the country - an aviator’s spin on the classic retired RV couple.

If you are looking for a technical read that dives deep into aerospace engineering and piloting a commercial airliner, this is not it. Instead, Gary’s Flight Journal is fun and will bring you closer to the lives of two individuals who fly purely out of passion. In the right sidebar of their blog, you can find archived entries that stretch back to 2005 - enabling you to follow their aviation journey from the very beginning.

Staying up to date on Gary’s piloting is refreshing because they make posts regularly so that you always know where they are flying to. All in all, Gary’s Flight Journal is a great blog for anyone who wants to read about a hobby pilot’s life. If you are curious about pursuing a similar lifestyle, the blog is loaded with useful tips and information on how to make piloting around the country a reality for any passionate aviator.

2. Pilot Patrick

Pilot Patrick is a fantastic personal blog from a young German pilot who shares his experiences and insights about being a professional commercial pilot. With over 12 years of working as a pilot, Patrick has a lot of useful information to share with the aviation community.

Unlike Gary’s Flight Journal, Patrick not only discusses his personal experiences about being a pilot but also breaks down a lot of the technical aspects of being an aviator. His content is full of helpful tips for aspiring pilots looking to get their wings and he also shares a lot of knowledge about the aviation industry in general - the good and the bad.

With that being said, Pilot Patrick also covers fun topics in his blog posts which can greatly vary across the board. His posts include an analysis of movie angles from the newest Top Gun film and how certain scenes were shot, tips for avoiding jetlag, and even his recent hair transplant.

If you want to find posts that are related to travel, Patrick’s blog also touches on great places to visit as a tourist, shopping areas around Europe, and how to avoid getting scammed while traveling.

All of the content on Patrick’s personal blog is well-written and the site has a clean and clear interface that is easy to navigate. This is a great blog for pilots of all skill and experience levels, as the blog was designed to be relatable to all aviators.

3. AeroSavvy

AeroSavvy is not a personal blog with travel stories from the sky. This is an aviation blog that covers useful topics that industry professionals will find interesting and beneficial to their careers.

The tone of the material is always formal yet personable, making the content easy to read - despite the fact that it dives into technical topics. The website is neatly organized and easy to navigate, letting readers select specific categories to look for preferred topics. If you are a pilot looking to find information on updates in aviation regulations, AeroSavvy has got you covered.

This blog will also analyze the systems within aircraft, which can be quite an intricate topic to read about if you are not familiar with aerospace engineering or at least basic flight controls. With that said, AeroSavvy also breaks down useful information such as the anatomy of an airliner.

Whether you are an experienced pilot wanting a refresher course or an aspiring aviator looking to dive into the deep end of the industry, AeroSavvy offers an expansive selection of knowledge about flying. The topics can vary greatly and you can get updates on everything from seat belt regulations, flight commands, and codes, as well as the meaning behind airport lights.

Although AeroSavvy does not come off as a personal blog like the other sources we mentioned, the information is very beneficial to all pilots. All content is written by Ken Hoke who is a professional commercial airline pilot with nearly 30 years of experience in the sky. Ken’s website is an excellent resource for pilots of all experience levels to utilize.

4. Fear of Landing

Fear of Landing is loaded with a variety of different topics related to aviation. The expansive selection will ensure that you find something interesting or beneficial, regardless of what you are in the mood to read.

Much like the title of the blog suggests, there is a major focus on delivering readers information about accident reports related to air travel and flying. The blog is written by ‘Sylvia’ who has deep knowledge and passion for the aviation industry, which you can tell right away based on the tone and level of expertise in her writing.

Fear of Landing will touch on military aircraft, aerospace engineering, and even NASA. The blog is very dynamic and offers great information for any pilot who is passionate about flying. The wide variety of topics will guarantee that you never get bored of the content.

Sylvia's main niche is analyzing aviation safety. She has been a contributor to various media outlets that cover aviation including newspapers, blogs, and TV. In addition, Syliva has written multiple books that cover aviation safety in-depth such as You Fly Like a Woman, The Mystery of Malaysia Airlines flight 370, Without a Trace, and Why Planes Crash.

Given her expertise in flight safety, Sylvia offers readers info about plane crashes and expertly demystifies false theories about regulations and aviation incidents. Despite the obsession with airplane crashes, the author’s main objective is to bring insight to the industry to prevent future incidents from taking place.

This is a great read for pilots of all skill levels, as Fear of Landing is not a hard blog to digest. All of the information is easy to understand and Sylvia writes in a conversational and formal tone throughout the blog.

5. Hangar Flying

Hangar Flying is an incredible resource for all pilots. This is a very well-organized site that features a variety of different aviation stories and industry tips - making it perfect for any intro-level pilot on their path to getting their wings, as well as professional aviators that want to have their memories refreshed.

One of the best qualities that Hangar flying offers is that the website is loaded with dynamic content that is relatively easy to read. The writing is relatable to all pilots and you can find in-depth stories from aviators sharing their flight experiences. Many of the stories featured on the site are as adventurous as they are technical.

Writers on Hangar Flying take you through their trips step-by-step so that you can get an authentic feel for how it feels to be in the air with them on their adventures. They will highlight major and minor details of their journeys such as aircraft controls, fuel stop procedures, and even the beautiful sights that they get to see from the sky.

In addition, there is a bulk load of other content that touches on aviation aerobatics, history, and projects that their team is working on. Hangar Flying is run by a group of dedicated and passionate pilots who are veterans within the industry and have monumental knowledge that can be passed down to new-age aviators.

Best Professional Pilot Blogs & Websites

When you work as an aviator, you want to stay up to date on things that are happening within the industry - both big and small. Flight regulations change on a regular basis and the idea of relying on the FAA for every update is not very realistic.

To ensure that you are staying with the times and aware of what is happening with aviation moving forward, there have been a number of great pilot blogs and websites that focus specifically on commercial airliners and news about the aviation industry as a whole. Let’s dive into the best professional pilot blogs.

1. Simpliflying

For so many experienced pilots out there, having one news resource that covers a variety of relatable topics about the aviation industry is all that they are looking for. Simpliflying has aviation topics from A-Z so that you have a dynamic source of credible information from industry professionals.

This is a professional pilot website that mainly targets commercial airliners. The authors of the website will discuss an expansive variety of in-depth topics related to flight regulations so that pilots can stay up to date with relevant information.

Simpliflying also has a lot of great articles that analyze the newest commercial airliners that are in the sky; aircraft specs, as well as their flight reports, are all shared on Simpliflying, which is very useful to commercial airline pilots. However, for someone who is not directly involved in commercial piloting, Simpliflying may be too technical for a casual hobby flier.

There is also great content that covers specific airlines and aircraft manufacturers. Political conversations about Boeing airliners, as well as scandals and controversial topics regarding airline mistakes, are all brought to the surface on Simpliflying.

If you are curious about a certain region, Simpliflying has been designed to let you choose a specific point of interest to make reading more efficient - with Europe, Asia, North America, and the ‘Rest of the World’ as the primary regional categories. The layout and interface of the site are very clean making it easy to jump from various categories with just a simple click.

2. Airline Geeks

Airline Geeks is a go-to option for a lot of flight enthusiasts who want regular updates about in-flight regulations and news on commercial aircraft. This is a professional website that covers a lot of different topics for professional pilots.

One of the best things about Airline Geeks is that they pump out content regularly - with 8 articles per month being the average. Their commitment to quality and consistent writing is what makes them stand out as a blog that focuses on commercial aircraft.

Regulations for flying change regularly and Airline Geeks is on top of what is going on within the industry faster than the majority of the competition, which is why many professional pilots utilize this website as their regular source of info.

Airline Geeks is a great blog not only for writing about the technical sides of aviation regulations and commercial airliners but also because they post interesting updates about the industry that are interesting for introductory aviators. You can find articles that discuss updates in aviation sustainability, airlines that are transitioning to greener fuel sources, as well as flashy interior designs for modern commercial aircraft.

Lastly, if you are in the mood for some aviation history, Airline Geeks has a great ‘Throwback’ section that analyzes insightful past events within the industry. This is a great change-up from the rest of the content to give readers a blend of information about piloting and aviation.

3. The Aviationist

The Aviationist is a pilot website that focuses on military aviation. The site is littered with articles that discuss fighter planes and military technology in detail, which makes it a great pilot blog for any aviator with military experience.

With that being said, The Aviationist is also a good read for any professional pilot that simply wants to read something about flying other than commercial airline regulations and updates. There is a lot of interesting content on The Aviationist that goes into the technical sides of flying a military aircraft, the newest technology found in fighter jets, and even bomb testings.

The Aviationist is written by experts within the industry, which is why their work is often cited by major domestic and international news networks. In addition to military planes, you will find articles that analyze drone regulations, as well as political updates in the world.

Their ‘Special Reports’ page is a great way to get current highlights from The Aviationist so that you can skim through relevant posts. With that being said, The Aviationist is going to be interesting for readers that want information about military air reports - with personal piloting tips and commercial airline updates being irrelevant to the site’s content.

4. Airline Reporter

Airline Reporter is not a typical news source for commercial pilots. Instead, this blog focuses on reviewing in-flight experiences and airports. The team behind Airline Reporter is comprised of 35 writers who expertly cover their time in the sky with various airlines.

This website is loaded with reviews that give passengers and the aviation industry an authentic glimpse of the good and the bad of flying. After flying more than 2 million miles, the writers of this blog have become professionals at assessing the qualities of air travel and they deliver in-depth content through and through.

The Airline Reporter is not shy about calling out airports and airlines on their faults and their criticisms encourage change within the industry. Whether it is an out-of-date airport or poor flight regulations, you can count on the Airline Reporter to make a statement on the matter.

The staff of this blog will fly on every type of flight and will sit in First Class, Business, and Economy to give their readers the most accurate information about in-flight experiences. Whether it is the comfort level of the seats, the service of the airline, or the quality of the food - Airline Reporter has got you covered. This is a great new source for pilots as well as passengers who want to hear honest critics share the pros and cons of flying.

With that being said, despite the critical tone of Airline Reporter, they will give credit where credit is due. If a flight experience was enjoyable, they will always highlight this in their article to make sure that positive feedback is given when needed.

5. PrivateFly

If you are looking for content that specifically covers private air travel, PrivateFly is going to be a must-read blog. This website has expert-level knowledge on private planes and becoming a private aircraft pilot.

The world of private air travel is quite different from commercial and hobby flying. Although the same principles to piloting an aircraft still apply, the industry that you work with is much more upscale and lucrative, which is why you want to have a niche resource like PrivateFly handy to guide you through the sky.

In addition to offering useful info about piloting a private aircraft, PrivateFly will also highlight some of the top destinations that clients like to fly to. With that said, all of the information that PrivateFly lists is not only valuable to pilots but to clients as well. This blog is perfect for gauging the direction that the industry is headed and the kind of updates that there will be to future private aircraft.