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If you have always fantasized about having a runway as a driveway and an aircraft hanger for a garage, you should consider a hangar home as a private residence.

A lot of aviators simply can’t say goodbye to their planes after they exit the cockpit, which is why some pilots opt for a home design that is equipped with a hangar. However, hangar homes vary in size, design, and characteristics, which is why you should consider all of the options that you have available when making architectural decisions.

The best hangar homes ever are SilverWing (Sandpoint, Idaho), Zinc House (Essex, England), Falmouth Airpark (Falmouth, Massachusettes), Meadow Lake Airpark (Peyton, Colorado), Bunny Lane (Bernardsville, New Jersey), Green Arc House (East Hampton, New York), and Danville (Geneva, Florida).

Hangar homes are a growing trend amongst pilots - and for good reason. There is no better way to ensure that your aircraft is within reach than to keep it right outside your door. As aviation continues to rise in popularity, with more and more aspiring pilots striving to get their wings, there is a lot of demand for owning a private aircraft. Becoming a pilot is a dream come true for so many individuals, and buying your own plane ensures you that the freedom of flying is always available to you. However, paying for hangar rentals and driving to the runway every time that you want to fly can become a chore, which is why hangar homes are the ultimate option for dedicated aviators. A well-designed hangar home often puts the runway outside of your door and your favorite toys within just a few steps of your bedroom. With that being said, hangar homes are generally custom built and can be quite different in architecture, which is why you should consider the design of your residence carefully. To help you understand this further, we are going to take a closer look at the best hangar homes ever.

After extensively researching hangar home architecture, I have been able to gather enough information to determine the best designs ever created. My research has indicated that the layout of each hanger home is different, which is why you should work with an experienced architect when coming up with a conceptual design for your residence.

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1. SilverWing (Sandpoint, Idaho)

Few hangar home ideas can compete with SilverWing in Sandpoint, Idaho. Unlike many hangar homes, SilverWing is built around an aviation residential community, which features an entire neighborhood of stunning homes that are connected to the Sandpoint airstrip.

Sandpoint is a small town of roughly 7,400 people located on the shores of Lake Pend Orielle - offering gorgeous scenery for pilots to gaze at while in the sky and on the ground. The airpark was originally acquired in 2007 and development began shortly after.

The pilots of this small community are living the aviation dream. Each home at SilverWing is equipped with a luxurious hanger that is suitable for storing small to medium-sized planes and can be accessed right from the runway. When you live at SilverWing, you can drive onto the runway right from your front door - allowing you to treat your aircraft in the same way that most people do their cars.

A push button opens up the hangar door and you can take your aircraft onto the runway without ever leaving the house. There are 44 lots in total available at SilverWing and the demand for buying one of these properties is high - with many eager pilots itching to start development.

Once a lot is acquired, you can customize your home the way you see fit based on the architect that you go with. However, if a pre-designed home is available for sale, you can opt for a developed parcel instead.

In addition to the incredible scenery and runway access, the SilverWing airpark features a variety of amenities that make your day-to-day all the more comfortable. The 10,000-square-foot lakefront property comes with pools, spas, and BBQ pits throughout. All in all, the concept of SilverWings is an aviation resort that you never have to leave. A strong community of pilots nestled in a beautiful Idaho landscape will make for a perfect home base for any passionate aviator.

2. Zinc House Nissen Hut (Essex, England)

How would you like to have a home that is connected to a World War 2 aircraft hangar? That was the concept behind the Zinc House Nissen Hut, which is a dream come true for any WW2 history enthusiast. During the mid-20th century the UK would use this hangar to store their light aircraft and today, it has been converted into a private residence.

The Zinc House Nissen Hut features an architectural design that has stayed true to its original historic aesthetic. However, the modernization of materials and features has made it much homier for today’s aviators.

After the UK reassigned their aircraft to other hangars, the Zinc House was essentially left abandoned and dilapidated. It was in 2012 when the project caught the eye of an architect which resulted in the Zinc House being revived into the masterful hangar home that it currently is.

This Essex hangar home is 4,000 square feet and has 5 bedrooms - with the master bedroom stretching a remarkable 22 feet. The massive transformation that the Zinc House has undergone makes it a suitable living space for just about anyone - pilot or not. The Italian staircase, state-of-the-art kitchen setup, and superb insulation provide all of the comforts of home that one could ask for.

In addition, the Zinc House is equipped with luxurious amenities such as a sauna and yoga room - perfect for relaxing and hosting guests. The Zinc House is one of the most authentic hangar homes ever built, as it was literally designed around the concept of a historic hangar. This is a home that will make any aviator feel like they are in their natural habitat.

3. Falmouth Airpark (Falmouth, Massachusettes)

Falmouth Airpark is an incredible place to live as a pilot. A young couple decided to present their architect with the tough challenge of building them the hangar home of their dreams. Luckily for them, their architect happened to be a passionate aviator and aircraft owner who was happy to make their dream a reality.

The Falmouth Airpark hangar home in Falmouth Massachusettes is a prime example of what a custom-designed home can do for an aviator. One of the key characteristics of the Falmouth Airpark hangar home is the carousel rotating garage that enables you to easily access any of the planes that you store.

Owning more than one plane comes with its fair share of challenges and having access to all of your toys within just a few simple button presses is the best way to fly whatever aircraft you are in the mood for without wasting time or energy. The hangar is big enough to fit up to four planes and the runway is right outside of the front door. When living at the Falmouth Airpark hangar home, you can enter the cockpit of your aircraft and be on the runway in minutes.

The size of the project as a whole is just under 12,000 square feet which offer more than enough space for a couple. The Falmouth Airpark hangar home is modern, comfortable, and designed with traditional detailing. Inside the home, there are a total of 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, which means that you can host your fellow aviators when they fly over for a visit.

When designing the Falmouth Airpark hangar home, the architect strived to minimize clutter by utilizing interior space efficiently. A stair tower and observation deck let you enjoy the surrounding scenery and present plenty of areas around the home for lounging and relaxing. The Falmouth Airpark hangar home has been an inspiration for many hangar homes and it is often referenced as a base design by pilots for their custom projects.

4. Meadow Lake Airpark (Peyton, Colorado)

Meadow Lake Airpark features one of the most impressive hangar homes ever constructed. This luxurious villa was designed with a Mediterranean-style theme in mind and it is one of the flashiest projects on our list.

When you look at the Meadow Lake Airpark hangar home from the outside, it is hard to imagine that the residence houses an aircraft. The clever design makes this hangar home look like a giant villa with an aviator’s touch. The owner of the Meadow Lake Airpark hangar home can enter their plane without ever having to leave their home.

The built-in garage and aircraft hanger is directly connected to the residence which makes accessing all of your favorite toys as easy as can be. Simply walk from your bedroom straight to your hanger and you can take a seat in your cockpit. To drive onto the runway, open your hangar doors with the push of a button and roll out for take-off.

The 6,000 ft runway at the Meadow Lake Airpark is perfect for the size of just about any hobby plane. Given that Meadow Lake Airpark is located in Peyton Colorado, you have the incredible scenery of the mid-west state always within reach. The central location also offers plenty of great destinations that are suitable for air taxis - with each coastline being within 1-2 fuel stops (depending on the aircraft flown).

The winter weather in Colorado can get quite cold which is why the Meadow Lake Airpark home was designed with a hangar that is very well insulated. In addition to the excellent storage space for your aircraft, there is enough space to park up to six land vehicles so that you can keep all of your toys in one place.

5. Bunny Lane (Bernardsville, New Jersey)

Bunny Lane is a hangar home like no other. This unique home was designed inside of a 1900s’ aircraft hangar, which is quirky, fun, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The architect that designed the Bunny Lane hangar home was thinking outside of the box when he decided to build a beautiful home inside of an actual hangar - instead of incorporating the residence into the structure.

The cottage-style home has a 19th-century design which is perfect for anyone who likes a traditional look for their living space. The architect often refers to the Bunny Lane hangar home as a ‘playhouse’ and for any aviator who has always dreamed of living inside a hangar, the description is quite accurate.

While encapsulated inside the hangar, you can enjoy a parallel world inside of a cozy traditional cottage. The artistic concept of the Bunny Lane hangar home is what draws a lot of aviators and architects to the project - making it a true standout within the world of hangar homes.

The living space is very interactive and vibrant, as it features a rope that you can climb situated in the center of the residence. Odd, playful, and unique are the first words that come to mind when aviators assess the Bunny Lane hangar home, but these are the qualities that make this project so special.

6. Green Arc House (East Hampton, New York)

This East Hampton hangar home lives up to its name, as green is the first thing that catches your eye when you examine this property. The unique design of the Green Arc House is surrounded by natural plants, trees, and shrubs.

Although the home is a total of 6,400 square feet, you would never know it when you see the parcel from the outside. The clever design of the Green Arc House hangar home keeps the majority of the property underground - keeping the natural environment of the estate intact and the residents added privacy.

The architect put a focus on sustainability when designing the Green Arc House. Any pilot who values the environment will be sold on this hangar home, as it is the most energy-efficient property on our list. The contemporary and minimal design are eye-catching, and the use of plants makes this a wonderful estate for any pilot who enjoys nature.

Inside of the home, you have a curve-shaped living room, which is spacious and intended to resemble the image of a traditional aircraft hangar. The structure of the building as well as a lot of the features on the property are made out of recycled materials to keep the eco-friendly theme of the design consistent throughout the project.

In addition, the primary energy source of the home is geothermal - sealing the deal on sustainability. The Green Arc House hangar home is the perfect resting place for any aviator who cares about the planet.

7. Alpine Airpark (Alpine, Wyoming)

If you have always dreamed of living in a community full of like-minded aviators that are as passionate about flying as you are, the Alpine Airpark in Alpine Wyoming is going to be a great place to settle down.

The hangar homes at Alpine Airpark are built for pilots and the design of the properties makes flying easily accessible. There are a number of beautiful hangar homes located at Alpine Airpark and they range in styles and characteristics. The Wyoming Rustic estate is the most eye-catching hangar home at Alpine Airpark and features a design that resembles a Wyoming cabin - perfect for a cozy retreat or a permanent place to settle down and fly for life.

Within the airpark, you will also find several Lakeview properties that have a wonderful view of the surrounding scenery and lake. All residences at Alpine Airpark are built for comfort and will make any pilot feel right at home.

With that being said, the Alpine Airpark is also littered with empty lots in case you want to design a project from scratch. Some pilots have their own idea of how their hangar home should look, which is why Alpine Airpark has left a number of lots open to custom designs.

In addition to the airstrip being right at your doorstep, you have Jackson Hole less than 40 miles away. If you need a break from flying around the surrounding landscapes, you can hop in your vehicle and drive down to the nearby town. With nature being so close by, you can take your road trips even further by visiting National Parks in the area such as Yellowstone.

If you are still not sold on Alpine Airpark, the community features a variety of luxurious amenities to add comfort and entertainment to your day-to-day. When you want to socialize or enjoy time with your family, you can visit the airparks bowling alley or movie theater.

8. Danville (Geneva, Florida)

Danville is a hangar home like no other. This is a quirky design that does not have the appearance or layout of a traditional hangar home, as it is quite literally an entire town. The concept was designed by a Florida couple who wanted to build an out-of-the-box residence on their Geneva airstrip.

The hangar of this property was transformed into a guest house and entertainment center which features an Inn that serves as a guest house. In addition, Danville even has a functioning Irish pub where you can entertain guests while having a drink.

The push of the button opens up the hangar door to reveal the town that is Danville. This vibrant and interactive fake town is an experience, to say the least, which is why many aviators and architects consider it to be one of the best hangar homes ever designed.

When you visit Danville, you can walk around the quirky town, do your laundry at the laundromat, and even enjoy a drive-in movie. The town is intended to feel like it is set in the 1940s, which is why you can find mid-20th century memorabilia scattered around the property such as a typewriter, mimeograph, and Dictaphone.

Since its creation, Danville has become one of the most infamous B&Bs in the world. The owners have now set Danville up as a dynamic venue for visitors to rent out. Whether you want to have your wedding in this converted hangar home, enjoy a night’s sleep at the local Inn, or simply admire the architectural concept, Danville is a place that truly stands out on the list.